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Architecture in a country is a mirror of the phase of development it is going through. Urbanization in India began to accelerate after independence, due to the country’s adaption of a mixed economy, which gave rise to the development of the private sector.

Urbanization is taking place at a faster rate in India. Population residing in urban areas in India, according to 2001 census,crossing 30% as per 2011 census, standing at 31.16%.

According to a survey by UN State of the World Population report in 2007, by 2030, 40.76% of county’s population is expected to reside in urban areas.

According to census 2011, there is a shortage of 90 Millions household unit and this shortage is expected to increase. India being a developing nation, is always in need to develop architecture which suits its economy, climate and ethos.

In this context, PHD Chamber and the Indian Institute of Architects, Chandigarh/Punjab Chapter have taken the initiative ?to discuss new architecture, new technologies and new materials in a seminar cum expo titled “Building A New India”.


The 3-day event will have B2B exhibit area to help infrastructure companies to showcase the best practices, newer technological breakthroughs, and landmark innovations which are redefining the living and work space management in a better, eco-friendly and sustainable way.


This is one platform where PHD Chamber brings together the senior government functionaries and policy makers to understand the issues confronting infrastructure industry, and how the policy-changes can pave way for better growth.