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A 21-year-old computer science student at USC was fatally struck on a Los Angeles crosswalk by a speeding Dodge Charger Hellcat driver involved in a street race.  

Arian Rahbar was walking along a marked crosswalk on Jefferson Boulevard in broad daylight, at around 3 pm, 수원컴퓨터수리 when he was struck and sent flying into the air on Saturday

The driver, 24-year-old Ricardo Aguilar, had been racing an Infiniti G37 driven by 21-year-old Carlos Valdez Moscoso. 

Both racers were booked on murder chargers, 수원컴퓨터수리 and Aguilar is being held on $2 million bail, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Los Angeles Police Department Detective Ryan Moreno said that officials have yet to determine how fast the racing cars were going, but that it was 'definitely above the speed limit.' 

Both drivers belonged to local car clubs known for street racing, and both of their cars were outfitted for street racing - Moreno told  that the Hellcat was 'pretty souped up. Not including this driver's alterations, a Dodge Charger Hellcat is worth $76,000. 

He said witnesses heard the two cars revving their engines at a traffic light at the intersection of Jefferson and Western Avenue moments before they sped toward Harvard Boulevard, close to USC's campus, 수원컴퓨터수리 where Rahbar had picked up takeout before crossing the street.

The young Iranian victim's father, Sam Rahbar, told the  was a straight-A student who had just scored an internship with Facebook and 'never did anything bad to anybody.'

'Racing on the street - they killed innocent people,'  the grieving father told the outlet. 'An innocent kid.'

Childhood friend, Eric Gray, told that Rahbar had moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams at college. 

'He was probably one of the nicest people I've ever met,' Gray told CBS Los Angeles.

'He was one of those people that was just so pure — you would think, how could something like this ever happen to somebody like this? I'm angry the situation was even possible to happen.

Tracey Dodson, who witnessed the horrific accident with her kids, said that she and her family were traumatized. 

'I hope they really do something about this though, 'cause this could have happened to me or anybody around here.'

As of November 20, Los Angeles recorded 257 traffic-related fatalities - 22 percent more than the same time in 2020. 

Moreno told the Los Angeles Times that Rahbar was the 101st death this year in his jurisdiction, the department's South Bureau, which has seen a 25 percent increase of over 25 percent. 

'We haven't had numbers like that, ever,' Moreno said. 'It's just so out of control right now.'

'It's a problem we're seeing more and more of, lately,' Moreno said.