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An air mattress is actually a homeowner’s best friend.

These inflatable beds are an absolute godsend in case you have visitors over and they are running low on spare rooms - and they’ve got plenty more uses besides.

But before getting directly in there and place an order, there’s a couple of things to consider first.

Let’s be truthful: not all air mattresses are created equal.

While there are some super high-quality items on the market, there are several that happen to be a little… not so good.

And there are many that happen to be great but could possibly be no good to your purposes.

Here’s what you ought to know before you buy.

best air mattress for kids

Height matters.

Raised air mattresses, around three times greater than the conventional 8-inch mattress height, make it simpler on the knees and the back when getting in and out of bed. Reviews website Wirecutter tested a number of air mattresses and discovered that 18 inches is easily the most comfortable height for adults.

How big does the air bed have to be?

Air mattresses aren't always as large as an equivalent regular mattress and box spring -- although other people are. Double-look into the mattress measurements to ensure it's large enough that you should fit comfortably -- or that it's comfortable enough for 2 in case you have somebody. This is especially important when you (or perhaps your partner) are taller than average. Check the mattress's weight capacity as well to ensure it can support the body weight (solo or combined).

Pump Improvements

Nobody wants to invest considerable time filling or emptying an air mattress, so find one by using a quick-inflate pump that will get it to optimal firmness in a few minutes. Internal electric air pumps offer fastest inflation, but they’re only appropriate for in-use at home. Should you prefer a mattress for camping, acquire one with a battery operated pump (take a good amount of extra batteries) or even a manual pump. "Always on" electric pumps can sense a pressure drop and add air when needed to help keep the mattress firm-nice, but pricey. Manual pumps, operated either by foot or hand, are the least expensive option.

Just What The Best Air Mattress Does

Provides a good amount of support. A highly-made air bed will distribute the atmosphere inside the mattress equally, so there aren't lumpy spots or "bubbles" that can make you roll off. Try to find air mattresses using a network of internal air coils or chambers. Coil counts of 30 or higher are most comfortable to get a queen-sized air bed.

Inflates and deflates easily. Mattresses with built-in pumps tend to work rapidly -- four minutes is truly the longest it takes to inflate or deflate a queen-sized air mattress. The pump should be easy to use; simple dial controls work best. The atmosphere valves on air beds with external pumps must be well-adapted for your recommended pump and well-sealed to avoid leaks.

A small footprint when deflated. Air mattresses tend to be employed for camping, travel and also other temporary situations, and are supposed to be stowed away when not being used. When deflated, the mattress ought to be compact and light-weight enough to carry and pack away in to a closet both at home and an automobile trunk when camping.

Holds air from the night. Virtually all air mattresses will deflate to some degree during use due to a mix of the extra weight from the sleeper and variations in temperature. However, the ideal blow-up mattresses should lose very hardly any air during the period of just one night.

Features a warranty. The most effective airbed warranties will handle both the bed and also the pump (if included) for about an entire year.